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Cassfield Mill Demolition 1986

Cassfield Mill Demolition
Cassfield Mill DemolitionCassfield Mill Demolition
Cassfield Mill Demolition
Date 1986
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
K35 + K36 & K37
Top: Cassfield Mill was built by James Waddington in the 1880s and was in use for around 100 years until demolished.
Hallam Street is to the left, Otley Road runs from the middle background to the right.

Middle: In the foreground two men are on the demolition site.

Bottom: Crowds are watching demolition work on the mill site, perhaps it was the chimney being felled.
Otley Road is to the left, the roof and top window of the Regent Hotel can be seen.
On the right is Cross Street, leading to Park Road.

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