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Army Cadets 1968

Army Cadets
Date June 1968
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
Comment Army Cadets with trophies, the names have been supplied by our facebook friends and by 'Our Guiseley' facebook page.
  • Richard Elliott Is that Pete Black 4th from right, Teena Mitchell?

    Teena Mitchell Yes definitely!

·  Darren Shepherd Far right Peter McCann ?

Trevor larcombe sat on the table

·  Dennise Storke Yes that's my cousin Trevor Larcombe

·  Trevor Larcombe Hi, Trevor Larkin is sat on the table to the left as you look at the photo and I'm sat on the right. The SGT in the centre is Ian Fairweather and the chap next to me is Ivan Larkins.

·  David Ramsey john Fairweather the sergeant in the middle those were the days

·  Judith Stead Peter Black 4th from the right I think.
In the same year as me at Aireborough Grammar School.

Marj Shepherd I'm not sure Darren Shepherd ..but the guy next to him looks like Toms dad !?



Trevor Larkins:
Left to right.
Michael Harper (Chunky).
Trevor Larkins.
Stuart McChrystal (Mac).
John Fairweather (Fairy).
Peter Black.
Raymond Sutcliffe.
Trevor Larcombe.
Ivan Larkins.

Cannot for the life in me remember the tall guy in the centre. Can anyone help complete the list?



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