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Albion Dyeworks 1996

Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks 1996Albion Dyeworks 1996Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks
Date February 1996
Location Guiseley
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Top: Charles Busfield and Co. Ltd. dyeworks, located between Church Lane and Union Street off Towngate.
The business was begun in the 1800s by Charles Busfield who built up an earlier dyeworks on the site.
He lived on Mount Pleasant and kept hens as a hobby.

Upper Midle: Charles Busfield and Co. Ltd, yarn dyers and bleachers. The mill had it's own artesian well to supply the copious amounts of water needed for the dyeing process which was a huge advantage and enabled the company to be independent of the local water supply

Lower Middle: Seen from Church Lane, this is the back of the dyeworks.

Bottom: Rear view of Albion Dyeworks, looking down Church Lane St Oswalds Church is on the left.

Photo ID    P629
Albion Dyeworks - Pre 1936
Charles Busfield's Albion Dyeworks viewed from the tower of St. Oswalds Church.  Beyond the factory are the Medieval field strips of Wills Gill, a rare example of Medieval farming methods when a large field would be divided into strips for crop rotation.
Donated by Mark Busfield. 

Photo ID    P630
Albion Dyeworks - Undated
An aerial view of Charles Busfield's Albion Dyeworks, photo taken before Queensway was built in the 1950s.  Above the dyeworks are the medieval field strips of Wills Gill, in the bottom left corner is Towngate with the New inn at the corner with Church Street.  The mill chimney at the bottom of the view belongs to Springfield Mill.
Donated by Mark Busfield. 

Hi, my Dad worked at Busfield’s for 40 years. I think he retired around 1986. I’m his youngest daughter, Louise. I’d be interested to find out more about my Dad’s life at Busfield’s. Sadly, he passed away in 2010.
25 February 2022
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