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Albion Dyeworks 1996

Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks 1996Albion Dyeworks 1996Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks
Date February 1996
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
S85 + S86 + S87 & S88
Top: View of the dyeworks yard, the business was sold by the Busfield family to Readicut, it was closed in 1995.
Some housing has been built on the site and an NHS treatment centre(January 2013).

Upper Middle: Seen from Queensway, a corner of Charles Busfield and Co. Ltd Albion Dyeworks.

Lower Middle: A gated entrance to the dyeworks.

Bottom: The dyeworks is on the left of Queensway, the cottages at the end of Queensway are on Lands Lane.
The tall house on the right is Hillcroft at the end of Town Street.


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