Aireborough Historical Society

Aireborough Festival 2015

Aireborough Festival
Date 9th February 2015
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
I280 + I281 + I350 to I357     Photographer Edwy Harling
1 & 2: Aireborough Festival was held in Guiseley Town Hall 9th - 21st February 2015.
It was organised by the Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum, various community groups came together to offer a varied programme of talks, displays, walks and information.
The Festival began with a presentation by Carlo Harrison on behalf of Aireborough Historical Society, images from the archive were shown with members of the audience contributing their memories.
Refreshments of tea, coffee and cakes were provided by The Travelling Ladies "pop-up" tea shop.

3 - 10: The Festival was based in Guiseley Town Hall, with the addition of some guided walks. The sequence of photos begins with I350 which shows the opening event, a presentation of images from the Aireborough Historical Society website by Carlo Harrison.
Image I351 is a display of photos titled "Our Guiseley", the rest of the images show aspects of plans to build more houses in the locality.


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