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Aerial View

Aerial View of Guiseley

Aerial View
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
C275 + I443
1: This photo has been taken with a fish-eye lens to give an impression of the earth's curvature.
The view centers on Netherfield Road and the Leeds / Ilkley railway line.
The old goods yard for Guiseley Station has been demolished, in 2002 a new ticket office and waiting room were built.
Between the railway line and Netherfield Road is Abraham Moon's Mill, this is the only mill to survive in the area (March 2014).
Crompton Parkinson works are on the right of Netherfield Road, to the right of the factory is a cricket pitch used by Crompton's employees.
2: Photo probably taken from the tower of St Oswalds Church, to the left is Well Lane, moving up Cambridge Street is next then Oxford Road.
The Methodist Chapel on Oxford Road is in clear view.

Undated: On the left is Oxford Road curving round to Towngate, the school and Wesleyan Chapel can be picked out.

The railway line is in dark shadow across the bottom left corner.

Moving right towards the centre, between Springfield Road and the Green, the large building is Springhead Mill.

The Green is on the right, merging into Towngate then Town Street continues up from it.

St Oswalds Church is on the right amongst the trees.


1927: View from the tower of St Oswalds Church, moving up from the bottom left corner are Well Lane, Cambridge Street then Oxford Street.

The tower of the Guiseley Methodist Chapel is seen on Oxford Road.

To the right is Lands Lane, in front of the church in the bottom right corner is the Green. 


An undated Aerial View, Guiseley.

Aerial view of the Netherfield Road area, in the bottom left corner is Crompton Parkinsons factory.  Netherfield Road runs from left to right at an angle from just above the factory to the top right corner.  Guiseley Cemetery is on the left of the road, Swincar Nursery on the right.

The photograph was donated by Joanne Coultas.


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