Aireborough Historical Society

Yeadon Transport

Compiled by Dennis Court, Jean Dean and Carlo Harrison from documents held in the AHS Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall

Yeadon Transport

Location Yeadon

Yorkshires Shortest Railway by N Winfield
The last Train To Yeadon by N L Winfield 1965
Railways - Henshaw
Opening of Yeadon branch posters Feb. 26th 1894
Newspaper Cuttings - various
Yeadon Railway Station
Photo of W J Rogers signal man at Guiseley 1894-1929
Drivers licence - W Jackson 1926 and 1931
Mr Reginald Jordan - 1967-1970
First Bus etc May 8th 1906, with tickets
Ancient Roads & tracks
Yeadon's first motor buses published 1936
Yeadon & Guiseley feast holiday programme travel by F & H Croft
Silver Lane Livery Stables
 Yeadon Airport
Newspaper Cuttings
Annual reports & Accounts 1988/89
LBA News - A/W 1995 - S 1996
LBA Airmail - Winter 97 - Summer 98 - Spring 98 - Summer 99 - Summer 2000
Information of aircraft noise 1977
Aerial view April 1968
Extension comments and map
Yorkshire Airfields 2nd World war (including Yeadon)
Heli-Jet Aviation, first trial lesson certificate
Extracts from 'Sixty Years of Leeds Bradford Airport by Alan Phillips
Photocopies from various newspapers & Magazines

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