Aireborough Historical Society

Yeadon Stoop

Yeadon Stoop

Location Yeadon

Top: Compiled by Carlo Harrison from documents held in the AHS Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall

Bottom: H129

Top:This rough stone column at a road junction near Yeadon Airport bears no inscription or other indication of it's original use, but was probably a boundary mark.
In bygone times when few people could read, the limits of parish & manorial properties were often impressed upon successive generations by an annual perambulation of such stones.
Here young folk were lightly beaten so that they would be unlikely to forget the purpose of the column and doubtless this custom of beating the bounds was observed at Yeadon Stoop, as the obelisk was called.
In 1884, it was struck down by lightening and it's restoration was commemorated by a treat for the old people of Yeadon.
Bottom: An illustrated card produced by Aireborough Civic Society.

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