Aireborough Historical Society

Yeadon Mills & Industry

Compiled by Dennis Court, Jean Dean and Carlo Harrison from documents held in the AHS Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall

Yeadon Mills & Industry

Location Yeadon
Photo ID

James Ives Manor Mills
Letterheads, Arial photo, leaflet for Manor Steam Laundary
Sale catalogue varius
Surveyors report & drawing 1973/75/77/78
Dacre Son Hartley - sale catalogue
Naylor Jennings Ltd company handbook.
Westfield Mills - kirk Lane auction catalogue 26th April 1972 - various photographs
Old Dog letter dated April 1961 re the origin of the name.
Plan of the area of development
Brief History
Fire 1906 news with picture
Old Mill Shop Times Oct. 1996
Friends of Engine Fields pamphlet
Scott & Rhodes Banksfield Mill
Contract of Employment register 1972
deputation from workers to shop steward about working conditions 17.07.86
Headed note paper and envelopes
Contracts of employment 1972
Scott & Rhodes fire petition & correspondence
Plan layout of Scott & Rhodes mill
Early Yeadon Mills The Beginnings. Including
Henshaw Mills (Dennisons)
Dixon Mill
Gill Lane Mills
Rates of wages for fettlers July 17th 1906
Bradford Misc.
James Ives Leafield Mill
Auction catalogues Wednesday October 22nd 1980
Headed paper & envelopes
Surveyors report (Bain Dawes) 1979
Letter and Pass for visit of Duke of Edinburgh 12th Jan 1949.
Newspaper cutting of housing estate on mill site
Book 'A century of achievements 1848 - 1948'
Picture of house
Order of service of marriage of Elsie M Rhodes and Kenneth Ives

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