Aireborough Historical Society

Yeadon History (1)

Compiled by Dennis Court, Jean Dean and Carlo Harrison from documents held in the AHS Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall

Yeadon History

Location Yeadon

Elizabethan Documents:
The Laytons - The Recusants
Sale of land between Miles Oddy and Matthew Hoppey and Margaret his wife, in the 31st year of Elizabeths reign.
Sale of land between Christopher Cave and John Ward plaintifts and John Yeadon his wife Agnes - Wm. Yeadon his wife Alice - Dorothy Clayton and William Ward - in 36th/37th year of Elizabeths reign.
Yeadon Booklet 1927.
The Old dog strike by Peter Booth
List of Tiths 1805
Yeadon Township records 1756/57
     "            "              "       1708 /09
     "            "              "       1718/19
     "            "              "       1731/32
Apprentice Documents (copy) - and township records 1708 - 1757
Newspaper cuttings
Yeadon Electors List 1841
Manifesto of joseph Preston 1909
Notes of Yeadon Local Government
(Folder 3)
Programme of Yeadon celebrations 12th May 1937
Souvenir programme, coronation year excursion to London Saturday May 29th 1937.
Inivitation to Mrs Yeadon for residents of 60 years upwards for tea at Methodist Church, Yeadon, Chapel hill Wednesday 12th May at 3pm.
(Folder 4)
A brief history of Yeadon by a member of Yeadon Towns Women's Guild 1954
The Steep Bugle Saturday 28th April 1990
Life at Home by Mabel Harrison
Rent arrangements July 28th 1923
Book on Old Yeadon contains notes on:-
Tithes and Field Names
The Methodists and Wesleyan Methodists
Local History section visit to Nether Yeadon
The Old Mills of Nether Yeadon
Farms and Houses of Nether Yeadon
Local History visit to Upper Yeadon
Town Hall
Fred Cooper's papers
Parlimentary election of 1807
West Hall Yeadon
Yeadon Manor House
The Manor of Yeadon and its Lords
Yeadon. First Motor Buses
The Hallelujah Soldiers
Park View Methodist Church 1883-1983
F Lawson
The Old Mills of Yeadon
(Folder 5)
Notes on Yeadon - G R J Jones
100 yds of road a cause of much ado
Archaeology Group bulletin Oct 1964 / April 1965 / July 1965
Pictures of standing stones
Plan of Roman road - Carelton to Otley Chevin - to Ilkley
Mineral products & water supply
Field names in Yeadon
3 Letters acknowledging receipt of knitted socks March 1942 - Mrs Marshman
Picture of The Avro Daily Express Magazine  9th May 1945
VE Day Memories - Victory in Europe Souveneir 5th May 1995
Picture Gun Emplacement Otley Old Road Carlton Plus Map
Red Cross and order of St John of Jerusalem Certificate presente to Sarah L Lee
Members of HM Forces - Sunday Services October - Christmas 1943
Christmas Greetings from 8th Army - Sgt A Asquith to Mrs B Ward, 75 High Street, Yeadon
West Yorkshire Archives catalogue references covering Aireborough
Airedale Pictorial 1936-1938
Aireborough Official Guide  1952-53 1960- 61 -66
Election papers etc - various
Ancient footpaths & tracks Otley Chevin etc
Aireborough Savings Committee 1916-1966 Jubilee
Aireborough noncomformists chapels
Aireborough Advertiser Sept 2000 and another
Aireborough Civic Society 1973/74 Nov 1981/2, 84/85
Aireborough & Horsforth Museum Society notes by J Jordan
Finding out about local history by Mr Alan Dobson
Some local mills / Guiseley - Horsforth - Yeadon buildongs etc
Listed buildings Carlton. Rawdon - Yeadon
Local History Group meeting 5th June 1979
Letting from D Williams 1977-1978 - 1982
Aireborough & Horsforth Action Group
Aireborough Civic Society newsletter Autumn 1975
AHS Calendar 2014
Aireborough Festival Guiseley Theatre 9-21 Feb and open all day 31st January 2015 - information
Yeadon Local Government
Correspondence from Paul truswell MP for Pudsey regarding building on Yeadon Banks.
Official Guide to Yeadon
Moira Dunn Election Campaign Thursday 5th May 1994
Richard Hughes-Rowlands Election Campaign Thursday 2nd May 1996
Poll Tax 1379 Yedon
Local Dates
Short Autobiograph's of Robert Girt & Willie Yeadon
The enclosure of Yeadon Moor
The Tithes and Field names of Yeadon
Yeadon Manor House
Local History visit to Upper Yeadon 29th May 1962
Old Mills of Yeadon
The Hallelujah Soldiers (Martha Chippendale)
Report of the first use of salt on roads (at Yeadon)
Notes by Philemon Slater
Notes by G R J Jones
Notes onviolence 1900 Old dog Mill
Notes on Nether Yeadon etc


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