Aireborough Historical Society

Yeadon Buildings and Manor

Various Documents relating to Yeadon Buildings & Manor  which are held in the  Aireborough Historical Society Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall

Yeadon Buildings and Manor

Comment Rental housing and rate cards. 34 Fox Court (Royal British Legion) for Mrs. Nora Smith. Tenancy offer form.

Rental card for Mrs. G.E. Cunningham. 32 Lane Fox Court R.B.L.

R.B.L. Guidance sheet for tenants.

Dibb House Farm, Dibb Lane. Maps showing location also site of Quaker burial ground (1st) pre 1697.

Low Hall Yeadon. Various publications - notes and Estate agent Robinson & Gregory brochure 1981. Sale details.

Bill to Mr. J.W. Barwick 15th November 1876 for various work carried out.

Various newspaper cuttings of sale of Low Hall 2005 / 2006 Marshall Family Tree and connections to Low Hall.

Low Hall (memories of Leeds) war visit by Winston Churchill

Letter from Mr. Pickard of Low Hall to Mr. Winfield January 24th 1957 answering various enquireies.

Another letter to Mr. Williams from M Cossold January 29th 1983 about family associations.

Letter to Mr. Pickard from Ella D. Barwick 6/7/63 information about underground passage at Kirkstal Abbey.

Letter concerning ghosts at Low Hall

Low Hall floor plan of 1981

Dinsdale Berwick family tree.

Low Hall Yeadon to Calverley connection from E.W. Garnett 13.05.2000

Newspaper cutting of Temperance Hall fears for its future Oct. 3rd 1986.

Various photo copies prints and letters from Stan Stokoe to a gentleman named Dennis

Christmas card from Stan Stokoe to Dennis Marion T.

Summary of West House and lands various owners from 1756

Summary of various Mills, buildings, relating to Yeadon

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