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Map Well Area Guiseley

Map Well Area
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
H212 Donated by Geoff Brooks
"This is a copy of a superb piece of artwork in pen and ink on parchment.
It is clear of the encroachment on and over the Wells which took place on the building of Butts Terrace.
This mysteriously migrated eastwards in a direct contravention of the indicated plan and road layout, it, to my mind is a travesty that it ever occurred given the amount of virgin land available to the west of Butts Lane - it was always Well Hill to Guiseley folk and caused much consternation when road signs were put up C 1997.
   Please note the gateposts indicated on the road which would open onto Broad Ing, the common which extended all the way to Cuddy Hill on Back Lane.
Most of the land would have been fenced at this point to prevent geese from straying into the settlement around Towngate".

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