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John William Slater Book

John William Slater Book
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL015 + HL016 & HL017
Top: This book was the property of John William Slater of Yeadon, he was born on February 9th 1897 and became a blacksmith.
He had a forge in Guiseley on the site where the library was built and also worked for a blacksmith in Yeadon plus working at Moorfield Mill.
He died on November 19th 1978.

Middle: Pages inside a book which had belonged to John William Slater.
The left page has Imperial measurements for cloth, ale and beer, wine and a table of stamp duties which continues to the right hand side page.

Bottom: Pages inside a book which had been the property of blacksmith John William Slater, they are a "ready reckoner" in pre-decimal currency.

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