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Cinderella Pantomime Script

Cinderella Pantomime Script
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL072 + HL073 & HL074     Images donated by Tilly Windus
"Pantomime Cinderella    (In 10 scenes)
Scene 1 
(Glade in the forest. Night. Demons and Witches discovered)
Opening Chorus
While all honest folk are sleeping
We are midnight revels keeping
Fly away. Light and Day
Come back night all dim and coldness
In your sable wings enfold us
Fly away. Light and day
Lightnings flashings, thunders rolling
Hark the furious tempest howling
Fly away. Light and Day
                            Enter Demon King
Hold! And cease your hideous chanting, For we have work to do
That won't want any scamping.
Chorus- We are all attention
Demon King_ Demons! Witches! Goblins of the wood who aid me in my nefarious deeds. I have been interfered with! 
Chorus- You, the Demon King
Demon King- Yes, I the King. The terror of the mountains, hill and dale
So I must have revenge, revenge that cannot fail.
Chorus- Revenge! Revenge! But first of all explain.
Demon King- Know you then we have a deadly enemy, one Dewdrop from the Fairy Seminary
A brand new fairy sent for the occasion
To generally disturb the Demon's occupation
You know how perfect things were in the village
All flat and stale like Four Ale on stillage
Now matters have assured a very different cuppet
My scheme of misery and dissent all upset.
Our noble Prince, like Hamlet he was melancholy
Now sings comic songs and is awfully jolly.
The Baron too's thrown off his woe and sorrow
And married Cinderella's mother, old Dame Morrow
Even the Baron's spiteful daughters with their cheek
It's true, they haven't quarreled for a week.
Why babies two days old are shouting  ?
And ill-treated Cinderella she seems happy
So haste away and rely on me my friends
You one and all shall have revenge
             Exit Witches
Song by Demon King           Exit Demons
Daybreak             Enter Cinderella
Cinderella- Oh what a weary lot is mine. From early morn till half past nine
My joys and sorrows filtered through those hours. Did I say?
I was thinking of the flowers. They are my only friends
No wonder they are ever in my thoughts. Not my only friends?
Buttons, the Baron's page-boy, he's a proper sort
Then I remember there's the birds
Who seem to say all sorts of soothing words
Song          Exit Cinderella
Enter Buttons
Buttons- Here I are! Here I are! Here I are!
Ah. There's Miss Cindy, she's wandering all alone in the wood
I don't know how it is. I never could! What's that?
I don't like being alone, all by myself, it's nasty.
I wish I had a bit of mother's apple pasty. I am so hungry
Once I was fat, but people now don't know me"

"Buttons-I've got to black the boots and clean the winder
And Cinderella for the wood they cinder
My heart's a boiling over at my eyes
I could eat two penny meat pies. No but really
It is 'at nice getting up so early
My Mister's on the sofa. We're traipsing in the mud
Ah well! Sofa(r) so good. When I'm a Baron
----- Oh this fearful yearning. This time it's lager beer and mutton
Oh dear a me!        
                Enter Cinderella
Cinderella- I say Buttons
Buttons (Frightened) Oy! Oh I'll never do it again. It wasn't me!
It must have been the brother I ought to have had. If he was
Like me. I've done nothing , but I won't repeat it. Let me go
And I'll go as quietly as a penny down a slot
If you don't I'll scream
Pon my word I will, I will. I'll shout
Cinderella- Why Buttons! What are you talking about?
Buttons- Eh! Why! Miss Cindy, is it, is it, really you?
Cinderella- Of course it is
Buttons- And I thought it was a goblin red and blue
Cinderella- I'm sorry if I caused you fright
Buttons- Don't mention it, I'm better now, yes quite---
Cinderella- Why Buttons you look positively pale
Buttons- I had an accident
Cinderella- An accident?
Buttons- Yes, I sat upon a nail
Cinderella- But I must get more fuel and for home prepare
Buttons- You stay here Miss Cindy- I'll get your share
Cinderella- You won't be long dear friend, it's getting late
And in this secluded spot for you I'll wait
Buttons- Certainly! you rest in this bower.
 It only takes me 15 minutes to run a quarter of an hour
                             Exit Buttons
Cinderella- I feel so very tired- it's no use sighing
My eyes are red and smart with so much crying
Some strange feeling o'er my senses creep
I feel as if I'd like to go to sleep
I must not give way for poor Button's sake
It's no use. I cannot keep awake.
                           Enter Fairy Dewdrop
Fairy- Sweet Cinderella! Lovely child
Dewdrop will guard you. Ah she smiles
Under my magic influence I now enfold you
And will punish those who beat and scold you
Your troubles will soon be at an end
And love and joy to you I'll send
The Prince approaches guided by my hand
Now to complete the magic with my wand
                          Enter Prince
Prince- Lost! Lost! and gone astray
A nice thing for a Prince to lose his way
Yes I'm lost; lost on my own ground
I suppose I'd better stay here till I'm found.
A strange mysterious influence doth impel me
Is this a vision? What a charming creature
Perfect in every form and feature
With joy and rapture I could cry
I wonder if she's lost as well am I
Oh is this meeting afte, or what's it's meaning?
Cinderella- Oh deary me, I have been dreaming
Prince- Excuse me miss, but you're out soon this morning
Cinderella- Just as the clouds rolled by and day was dawning
Prince- But perhaps to early hours you're used
Cinderella- Excuse me sir, we've not been introduced

Prince- This arrangement is ridiculous I'll own
But I wish to be loved for myself alone
Dandini- What, I a Prince?
Prince- Yes for a time only in name
Duke- Show him you're up to every Royal game
Duchess- Always travel with your sword and barkers
Dandini- Yes, and my own cards and markers
Duke- Invite the allied Princes by the dozen
Prince- Yes, but mind no wedding them to cousins
Dandini- You can take my hand and word upon it
I'll go it  ?    as you have never gone it. 
Prince- Now comrades time ?, quick no more delay
A hunting song before we gallop along 
And then my lads away.
                      End of Scene

Scene 11    (Corridor in Baron's Castle)
                       Enter Baron 1st R 
Baron- I am a Baron and I beg to state 
For want of brass bewail my barren fate
If I were rich I should be content
But all my lands in Ireland, and I can't get my rent.
Well, I haven't paid any for three quarters
And got married to a widow with a daughter
With my two beauties that makes three
Oh, we shall be such a happy familee
Will you kindly hand me the communicator (?) . Thank you
A wonderful invention saves a lot of trouble and strife
Please send me two of Scotch and my wife
I have much to say to her,  quite an oration
And plans to make for our wedding celebration;
Also to hand to her our marriage portion
Which consists of debts and a bottle of toothache lotion
Ah she comes! I hear her fairy foot upon the mat, Yes, tis she.
                       Enter Baroness 1st R
Baroness- Oh drat that cat
Baron- Are you hurt my popsie wopsie love?
Baroness- Oh chuck it or I'll give you a good shove
Baron- I sent for you, I've something to reveal
Baroness- I've also something which I must conceal
A secret to tell me-- ah you are so kind
Baron- Yes my dear, it's weighing on my mind. Now once upon a time
Baroness- Speak I implore
Baron- I loved another
Baroness- You've married once before. Speak out proud Baron, tell it me again
Baron- Excuse me dear, are you in pain?
Baroness- Proceed
Baron- She ran away and left me with two daughters
Baroness- If I go for him he'll lose a quarter
Baron- But my darling as a matter of course
I soon obtained the necessary divorce
Baroness- Like Douglas Fairbanks and the rest
You seem to think a change is best
Baron- And henceforth we'll be happy, no more monkey tricks
Baroness- We' ll run the course together
On the straight or o'er the sticks
Baron- There, my ducky, don't go very far
And I'll introduce my daughters to their mamma.
                          Exit Baron
Baroness- Once I was a widow, but my charms
?  the Baron and he took me in his arms
I'm better off, oh much than have been
But if he tickles me I'm sure to scream
he thinks I love him, I do, more or less. I've gained my point, I'm now a Baroness.

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