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1953 Leeds Co-op Receipt

Leeds Co-op Receipt
Date June 1953
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
M357     Donated by Mavis Dowker
A receipt from the Leeds Co-op furniture department for a walnut dining table and 4 chairs bought by the Dowker family which cost £28. 10s.


My dad, Burton Hill (Burt), worked for a butcher's in Otley as a delivery boy. When he wanted to get married, he was told he could have two hours off on Saturday afternoon, and if he wasn't back by 3pm, he was fired. He later got a job with the Airedale Coo-op and told his boss. His boss told him the co-op are nonprofit and they are therefore a communist organisation, and if he joined them, his boss would talk to other local businessmen and make sure my dad never worked in the area every again. My dad did join the co-op as a delivery man and worked for them for 40 years. All the co-ops at Rawdon, Guiseley, Menston, New Scarborough etc are like second home to me, and the manager of the New Scarborough co-op Sid Barrett, was my reference for my first job. My dad distrusted businessmen all his life and was a lefty. My mother sucked up to the bosses (yes, Mr Rupert, no, Mr Rupert) and voted conservative, so they cancelled each other out when they voted. When the coop closed at Guiseley and became Coopers, me and my dad shovelled tons of coal out of the cellar. We were paid well. We used to unload coal trucks at Guiseley railway station for the co-op. Shoveling and bagging with Walter Ingram the ex boxer...Walter was black but his face had much white because all the coal dust wouldn't stick to his scars. Me and my dad were totally black with coal dust. Role reversal !
03 December 2016
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