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1943 Rawdon Parish Magazine

Rawdon Parish Magazine
Date April 1943
Location Rawdon
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I211 to I214     Donated by David reed
The cover of the magazine and pages of advertisements are pictured.
Many of the local shops and businesses featured are still familiar names, the donor of the items David Reed says "I myself worked at Addy's Outfitters (featured), my first job after leaving Benton Park School in 1979.

I really love this it brings back so many childhood memories of Rawdon. It was printed 2 years before I was born but I know nearly all the names mentioned in it.

Edmund Emsley was one of the Emsley Family who had the grocers and corn stores which was in Town Street on the left hand side when exiting the top of Carr Lane. My father worked there when he first came to Rawdon until he was called up for national service at the beginning of the WW11 he also lodged with Mrs Nunwick (W & A Nunwick). I loved Mrs Binns sweet shop it was a magical place to me when I was a child. Mr and Mrs Binns lived in the back of the shop which was located at the top of Over lane where I believe there is now a mobility shop. When you opened the door there was a bell activated on the door and Mrs Binns would appear smiling from the back. She made her own special icecream which was a beautiful vanilla colour and flavour and you could take your own bowl and she would scoup icecream into it cover with a cloth and rush home before it melted. Favourites were sherbet lemons, pear drops, coconut mushrooms, lemonade and rainbow crystals, liquorice mice, real 1/2 penny licorice
11 July 2016
OOOps something happened! Carlo maybe you can consolidate these two entries!

1/2 penny real root liquorice and hard liquorice sticks, spearmint chews, aniseed balls and loads loads more!
Frank Sellers was a really lovely man and the head of the large Sellers family they were our next door neighbours in Larkfield Avenue living at High Bank and we lived at High Royd. Frank was really Francis and his wife the lovely Frances had seven children three girls and four boys. Frank had the carpenters that was situated on New Road Side behind Addys Outfitters. He was also the undertaker and his older boys worked with him Keith, Brian and Neil. They were the most lovely family and the best neighbours anyone could wish for. They obviously had a phone I remember still the number Rawdon 290 and used to let us use the phone and when there was a call for us would knock on the wall to summon us next door! I really miss those wonderful days as their neighbour.
G N Schofield was the greengrocer, florist and fishmonger that was in Harrogate Road first shop on the right if you were going up Peashill (the footpath up to Larkfield) there were several sons and as I recall they played football for Rawdon Old Boys. They used to deliver my Mum's fruit and veg.
Ernest Lawson had a garage and petrol station (now a house situated by the narrow footpath linking Larkfield Road with Peashill and opposite the corner house entrance to the old Storey Evans). Peggy Haig used to help out there as I recall and I used to go over to get pink or blue paraffin for our old fashioned heaters!
Wood delivered our coals.The men were always soot black with two round holes for eyes and had leather jackets and carried the sacks on their backs and deposited in our coalhouse which was a cellar under the house! I can remember the trail of coab bits and dust on the path when they had delivered!
Abbey Stores grocers was in Harrogate Road and the first shop on left if you were going up Peashill near Schofields.
Mr Norman Barratt was the manager there for many years and was also our neighbour on Larkfield he later bought a premises in Town Street and opened his own grocers store.
My brother and I did paper rounds for Hardakers newsagent in Town Street they were a formidable pair Mr and Mrs Hardaker and stood no nonsense!
Franklands were bakers and sold lovely bread and confectionery and were to the left of the steps in Over Lane that lead down to the Leeds Road.
Rushworths were carpenters and joiners and were in Town Street near where Sunningdale Nursing Home is now.
Addys outfitters had two large shops in Harrogate Road one ladies and one menswear and they stocked lots of local school uniforms.
I recall Pallisers did most of the printing in the area and my parents were friends of the Palliser family.

J W Wood were the lovely Wood family who had the farm next to my gran (Town Farm and Grange Farm now school car park) there was an abattoir and shop at top of Farwell Fold and they slaughtered their own cattle and butchered it - meat was never more tasty or fresher!

It is so lovely to see this thank you David Reed for sharing with us. (I would love a photocopy!)

Valerie Ryan (nee Valerie Hoare)
11 July 2016
Please send me your email and i will send you copies. dcreed306@gmail,com
11 January 2017
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