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1934 Dick Whittington Poster

Dick Whittington Poster
Date 1934
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL055 & HL056     Donated by Tilly Windus
TOP:  Poster with details of the production:
Town Hall Yeadon Famous for Pantomime
The Yeadon Pantomime Company Founded 1904
Present their 1934 Grand Production
                         Dick Whittington
Commencing January 13th
Concluding Saturday January 27th
Each Evening at 7.30 prompt. Doors open at 7
Matinees Saturdays January 20th and 27th at 2.30

Dick Whittington                                      Phyllis Dobson
Alice Fitzwarren                                      Mary Featherstone
Captain Cable                                         Phyllis Witham
Dolly Dainty                                            Edith Fletcher
Alderman Fitzwarren                               Fred Smith
Emperor of Morocco                               J W Long
Grand Vizier                                            Tommy Huntley
The Cat                                                   Arthur Long
Boy                                                         Jimmy Windus
Selina                                                      Willie Denison
Idle Jack                                                  JOE LONG
Fairy Queen                                            Agnes Knapton
King Rat                                                 WILL MOON

Bottom: Fairies, Attendants, Courtiers etc
Chorus Ladies
Agnes Drake   Ivy Doreen   Edith Emsley    Lena Emsley      Doris Hutchinson         Ivy Louvaine         Violet Muschamp     Florence Swain
Kitty Stock    Eileen Windus
Molly Barsby     Madge Harrison     Olive Harrison    Myra Hudson     Elsie Ibbitson     Elsie Ingleson    Rene Jeffrey     Dorothy Jenkinson
Irene Kitson    Edna Lawson     Annie Padgett       Elsie Perkins

                                         Synopsis of Scenery
Scene 1 Old Bow Church Belfry
          2 Fitzwarren's Stores
          3 The Riverside
          4 Highgate Hill
          5 'Tween decks of the Saucy Sally
          6 Deck of the Saucy Sally
          6A Transformation
          7 The Coral Grotto
Scene 8 Shores of Morocco
          9 The Rat's Abode
         10 The Emperor's Palace
         11 Old Chepeside
         12 Dick Whittingtn's Levee

Speciality Dancing by Kathleen Ineson and Barbara Moore
Special Vocal Numbers by Raymond Maude, the Boy Soprano
Specialities By Vanhalla Girls and The Moonbeams

Magnificent new scenery by Messrs Dodsworth and Spencer, Bradford
Dancing and Ensembles arranged by Mr David Paley I D M A and Miss Lorna Brett I D M A
Dresses and Costumes by Mrs Scott and Assistants
Incidental Music arranged by and the Pantomime Grand Orchestra under the personal direction of Mr Harry Dewhirst
Gag Master -Mr Joe Long        Musical Scene Settings  Mr Will Moon
The whole production under the personal production and supervision of Messrs T Windus and G S Taylor
Stage Manager H Walton             Electrician W H Myers

                   Prices of Admission
Front Balcony (One row only) 2/-
Side and Back Balcony and Front Area 1/6d
Middle Area 1/-
Back Area 7d
All children to be paid for. No half price on Saturday nights
All include tax           Booking extra
Booking plans for the full run of the show will be open from Monday January 8th and onward 2-4pm and 5-7pm at the Town Hall

Free Car Park on side of Town Hall. Buses Direct to Town Hall

I went to see this pantomime in 1934 and knew some of the "ladies of the chorus "and all the juveniles who were slightly older than me and some of whom May be still alive "I Wonder". Olive Harrison was Carlo's Auntie and Madge and Arthur Harrison became a specialty dance act

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