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1919 Silver War Badge

Silver War Badge
Date 1919
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL061     Image donated by Tilly Windus
Silver War Badge issued to those who had served in the Army from 1916 and were discharged due to disablement or ill health.
Each medal has a unique number on the reverse, the National Archive has a roll which gives the date each man enlisted and the reason for his discharge.
It is inscribed "For King and Empire. Services Rendered" and in the centre has the crown and initials of King George V. 
        The certificate reads:
                          "No B.92250
War badge awarded to Private Clifford Barker Windus
Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment
Late No. 51510
For "Services Rendered" in His Majesty's Military Forces 
Since 4th August 1914
Station - York      Signed by ?        No Infantry Records York"
24th 1. 1919

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