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1918 P.O.W. Notification

P.O.W. Notification
Date November 1918
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL063 & HL064     Images donated by Tilly Windus
British Red Cross Society      The Order of St John of Jerusalem in England
Central Prisoner of War Committee
The Rt Hon Earl of Sandwich Chairman
Lieut. Col. L Impey CSL CIE Secretary
Cheques should be made payable to the Earl of Sandwich, and crossed Barclay & Co not negotiable

Please reply to the Secretary- Central Prisoner of War Committee and quote Records, M.E.P
Nearest Stations  Brompton Road Tube   South Kensington
4 Thurloe Place (nearly opposite Brompton Oratory) London SW

November 7 1918
Dear Madam
In reply to yours of the 5th inst. we recorded 51510 Pte Clifford Barker Windus 2/4 West Riding as a prisoner of war on receipt of your letter.
No definite address has come through for him and therefore letters and parcels cannot yet be sent. Directly it is known which camp he has been sent we will inform you, but should you in the meantime receive an address for him please let us know at once.
No food or clothing may be sent ----------- ?
as these must go through the authorised associations who begin to dispatch parcels immediately they receive a prisoners address. All regiments have their own Care Committees by whom the full supply of clothing and also 3 food parcels per fortnight are sent to each prisoner. The Care Committee for this regiment is 
Halifax ? Guardian
38 George Street, Halifax?
 You should apply to them for full information and they will be most grateful for any contributions  towards the cost of the parcels and will see that those towards which subscriptions are received are sent in the name of the donor.
  Cigarettes and tobacco are included in the contents of the food parcels but an extra supply may be sent by means of a permit issued by the Care Committee.
   The next of kin of a prisoner of war may send a small Personal Parcel to him once a quarter and for this a coupon is necessary. Application must be made to the Care Committee for this and also for instructions.
   No restrictions are placed on the number of letters that may be sent to a prisoner of war. No stamp is required and the flap of the envelope should be turned in and not stuck down. Letters may be sent through the post in the ordinary way.
   Any change of address should be sent to the Care Committee without delay.
                                              Yours faithfully
                                                 L Impey Lieut. Colonel Sectretary

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