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1916 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Special Services Booklet

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Special Services Booklet
Date 10th September 1916
Location Yeadon
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Top: An image of the chapel on a booklet, at the side is a note "Mr E E Jackson Book"

Upper Middle: An illustration and details of a new organ installed in the chapel, it was built by Messrs Fitton and Haley, Warrels Organ Works, Bramley, Leeds.

Lower Middle: Services to commemorate the installation of a new organ in the chapel.
The preacher was the Rev. W R Griffin of Leeds, in the afternoon a performance of Hayden's Creation was given.
There are images of two of the principal singers, Miss Bertha Armstrong and Mr Wilfrid Hudson, they were joined by Mr Hubert Varley, Mr Chas. Stott and Mr H B Fleaher A.R.C.O, choirmaster.

Bottom: Pages from a booklet issued for special services to commemorate a new organ being installed in the chapel.
A performance of Haydn's Creation was given, one of the soloists is seen on the left, Mr Hubert Varley.
On the right details of the Creation, an oratorio by Joseph Haydn, written 1796-1798, based on the book of Genesis the work celebrates the creation of the world.

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