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1913 Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners

Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, Yeadon and District Branch
Date 1913
Location Yeadon
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No 1 That the rate of wages to be 8d per hour to be increased to 8d + i/4 (farthing) per hour on October 1st 1913.

No 2 That the hours shall be 49 & a half per week, a working day to be 9 hours. Meal times to be arranged on the job.

No 3 That overtime be paid at the double time for Sundays and Xmas Day. All local holidays to be paid at the rate of Saturdays.

No 4 Time and travelling expenses to be paid by the masters if over two miles to a job but workmen sent into a town or district where the wages are higher shall conform to the regulations of the district where the job is situated.

No 5 Workmen not paid on the job to be at the pay office not later than 12.15 noon. That 1& a half grinding time be allowed.

On the reverse it is written "Page one of an agreement with the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners (Yeadon and District Branch) Dated 1913 possibly May of that year." A summary of the above rules follows.

Page 2 of the agreement with the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners (Yeadon and District Branch)
Any alterations 5 months notice to be given by either side. Terminate on the 31st of May each year, signed by Percy Ainsworth
Fred Robinson J ? Atkinson John Maude George Grimshaw Edgar Whalley Smith Grimshaw Stephen Hudson
T Grimshaw Fred Rushworth J Rushworth & Sons W Haxington

The reverse of the document is handwritten and states " That these rules be equally binding to employers and workmen alike. Should any alteration be required 5 months notice must be given by either side to terminate on the 31st day of May each year. Next the signatures of the above men.

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