Aireborough Historical Society

1904 Yeadon

Information gathered in Yeadon 1904
Date 1904
Location Yeadon

Boothes Yard: Haworth Lane: Denton Roberts. Mrs Yeadon. Mrs A. Yeadon

Dawsons Fold: Haworth Lane: J.Law. Mrs Padgett. G Ives. J Clayton

North Yard: J Booth at No1. G Booth No2 Arthur Stewart, Publican at Old House At Home. T Mortimer N04. Mrs L Buckle No11. G Jeffray. Sam Kitson.

Kirk Lane from Town Street: No3 H Wilkinson Plasterer. G W Elliot. J.W. Sampler Saddler

Manor Terrace: G Fell. Mrs Scott. Miss Ellis. Walker Walmsley Auctioneer. Ben Emsley. H Ibbotson. Hugh Myers. R Rennard. W Kitson

Manor Square: Thompson Marshall. George Mellor. Hedley Hudson. Stephen Claughton. Joe Arundel. Mrs S Husband.

Manor Buildings: Sam Yeadon. Albert Lant. W Crawford. Mrs W Yeadon.

Kirk Lane 7 - 39: S Batty. G Stephenson (P.C.) M Myers. H Clayton. L Jenkinson. P Smith. H Myers. B Hudson Draper. G Myers. E Exley. W Oliver. M Watson. C Wilson. Mrs Kitson. E Marshall. T Normington Chimney Sweep. Mrs tillotson. W Town. J Yeadon. S Long. William Naylor. J Preston. J Leathley (30). G Teal. G Brayshaw. Mrs Marshall. E Boocock. B Marshall. R Lumb. W Hudson. Sam Lowe.

Hopewell House: Thomas W Peate. Millowner.

Walkers Row: R Smith. W Wadsworth (2). Fred Denison. William King.
(Paddock House) W A Dawson (5). T Walsh. Mrs Milner. J Brayshaw. Joe Marshall (10) J W Normington. W Hatton. M Bailey. J Dickinson (19)

Swincar House: J Almgill. Bank Manager and Treasurer of the U.D.C.

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