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1890 Robinson/Denison Letter

Robinson/Denison Letter
Date 1890
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
C395 + C396 & C397
"Brackenfoot, North Rigton, Huby, Leeds
Dear Martha we were rather disappointed you didn't come but Ruth died at Cockersdale and we brought her home the day before we buried her.
    She was lead poisoned and it brought so many things on, she had inflammations and brought on abscesses it was a fearful case it was a sad time but we all was with her, and we have brought the children home and Joe has good work so he is staying in lodgings for a while.
Mother has been going to Northallerton every week this ? and going to write to you but always something else up with Jane been so busy and I have been away all summer.
Now you will know how thorough we are.
My uncle Henry didn't come we were surprised.
We all saw him again this August but Ruth and he wished to see her so he has been disappointed with something.
We are all very well at present considering circumstances Ruth's  baby just four months old when she died - excuse paper we are out of the other having so much writing.
                     yrs. sincerely A Norfolk"

This was probably sent to Mrs M Denison, Swaine Hill Terrace, Yeadon

Martha Denison had a cousin called Alice Norfolk who in turn had sisters called Ruth & Jane. Uncle Henry was probably Henry Samuel Winterburn, Alice, Ruth & Janes mother being Hannah Elizabeth Norfolk (see C389 & C390) nee Winterburn, Martha's maiden name.
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