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1889 Labour Certificate

Maggie Tillotson Labour Certificate
Date 31st July 1889
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
HL031 & HL032
Comment Top: Certificate of proficiency at school which allowed Maggie Tillotson to work.

I certify that Maggie Tillotson residing at Guiseley has received a certificate from A Owen Esq. one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools that he (or She) has (4) reached the 3rd Standard
Signed Henry Turner
Principal Teacher of the Wesleyan Day Schools, Guiseley
or (2) Clerk to the (3) for the above district.
Dated the 31st July 1889
(4) reached means passed in reading, writing and arithmetic in the standard mentioned or higher"

Bottom: "I certify that Maggie Tillotson
residing at Guiseley
was, on the ? day of September 1889 not
less than 10 years of age, as appears by the registrars certificate
now produced to me, (1) and has been shown to
the satisfaction of the Local Authority for this district to be beneficially
and necessarily employed.
Signed Chris. ? Newstead
(2) Clerk to the (3) School Attendance Committee
for the above district.
(1) Strike out what follows if the child is qualified for full-time employment
(2) Or any other officer
(3) School Board or School Attendance Committee

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