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1886 Bailey Family History Letter

 Bailey Family History Letter
Date 1886
Location Yeadon
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"Your Great Grandfather Bailey at Wetherby ? will but their marriage lines and four boys registers and 2 girls names
John   Joseph  George  Thomas   Esther and Bessey
And your Grandfather at Knaresborough and Grandfather's register is to be found at Knaresborough Parish Church and the rest of the family
And your Father's Great Grandfather's register will be found in Derbyshire.

This letter was presumably found with other letters & items at Swaine Hill Terrace the home of Mathew & Martha Denison. Bailey was the maiden name of Martha's mother Bessy who died when Martha was just 7 years old. Following Bessys death Martha & her father moved to Guiseley. The Thomas named in the letter was Bessy's father. I find it touching that Martha was trying to trace the family on her mothers side who she presumably lost contact with when they moved. Other correspondence found at her address & published on this site would indicate that she maintained contact with her fathers family.
18 January 2015
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