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1885 Thunderstorm Yeadon

Date September 1885
Location Yeadon
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                               A Mill Chimney Struck By Lightning

                                               Prize Cattle Killed

     A severe thunderstorm burst over Yeadon on Thursday evening.

About a quarter past 5 o'clock the chimney belonging to the Old Mill (Old Dog Mill) at Yeadon was struck by the lightning, which descended the chimney with such force that the doors covering the boiler fires were forced open and the boiler-house filled with a cloud of dust and soot.

The fireman was unable to enter the boiler-house for fully five minutes on account of this  and the sulphur which pervaded the air.

    The top of the chimney is very much damaged, one stone eight inches thick being broken in two, while for a yard from the summit the large stones forming the top of the chimney were disarranged and several large stones forming the inside lining or packing were knocked down the inside of the chimney.

     It is rather a singular coincidence that for four consecutive summers now some part or parts of this mill have been damaged by lightning.

     During the progress of the storm, at Novey House Farm near Yeadon, three head of cattle belonging to Mr A W Hainsworth of Farsley, to whom the farm belongs, were struck by lightning as they were grazing in one of the fields and killed.

Two of them were prize cattle which Mr Hainsworth had only recently bought from Mr Coupland of Yeadon.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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