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1885 Election Death Yeadon

Election Death
Date December 1885
Location Yeadon
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   "Yeadon           Sad Election Incident

      A sad occurrence has just taken place at Yeadon.

Paul Rawnsley, grocer and cigar merchant, High Street, has been suffering from inflammation of the lungs.

He was visited by his medical advisor, Mr Hepworth, surgeon, last Thursday morning.

This gentleman cautioned him against going down to the polling booth to record his vote (it being the day of the election in the Otley Division) and Rawnsley said he should not do so.

      However, during the morning a covered carriage was sent for him and he was persuaded to be carried down to the board schools  (South View), a distance of only a few hundred yards. This however proved to be too much for him and he became much worse.

      On Monday morning Mr Jessop, surgeon of Leeds, was sent for but after an examination he said he could do him no good.

The unfortunate man gradually sank and died about  four o'clock on Monday evening" 

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive, research by Edwy Harling


Further text by Christine Lovedale

   The General Election of 1885 took place between the 24th of November and 18th of December, it was the first time the majority of adult males had been given the vote.

The Liberal party won the election, William Gladstone becoming Prime Minister.

    Perhaps Mr Rawnsley had been eager to vote for the first time or a political party sent the carriage for him?


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