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1882 Footpath Closure Yeadon

Footpath Closure
Date March 1882
Location Yeadon
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X203     Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling
         Notice is hereby given that on the 26th day of June next, application will be made to Her Majesties Justices of the Peace assembled at Quarter Sessions in and for the West Riding of the County of York, at Bradford in the said riding for an order for STOPPING UP as unnecessary the FOOTPATH in the township of Yeadon, in the said riding , commencing in the highway leading from Otley to Leeds, at a point in a certain field belonging to Mr Jonathan Peate, called or known as Footgate Close, one hundred yards south-eastwards of Nunroyd Beck and passing through Footgate Close aforesaid to a field now belonging to Mr George Foggitt and known as Swaine Hill Field and thence through the last said mentioned field to the highway called or known as Swaine Hill and leading from the town of Yeadon to the Otley and Leeds highway aforesaid  and which said footpath ends in Swaine Hill Road aforesaid at a point five yards inwards of the fence dividing Swaine Hill Field aforesaid from the adjoining hereditaments belonging to Mr Jonathan Watkinson.
      And that the certificate of the two Justices in and for the said riding having viewed the same footpath so proposed to be stopped up as aforesaid, together with a plan of the said footpath will be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said riding on the 22nd day of May1882. 
     For and on behalf of the Yeadon Local Board , executing the office of Surveyor of the Highways of the township of Yeadon aforesaid.
                 Chris J N O Newstead, Clerrk to the said Local Board"

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