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1880 Musical Improvement Society Concert

 Musical Improvement Society Concert
Date 6th November 1880
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL154 + HL155 + HL156 & HL157
Comment Top: Programme for a concert held in Yeadon Town Hall, the Mayor of Leeds, Alderman Tatham was a guest.

Upper Middle: A page from the concert programme, a Miss Orridge sang "Three Fishers"

Lower Middle: Further pages from the concert programme, Miss Orridge sang "The Unfinished Song" and "Meet Me By Moonlight Alone".
Mrs Edward Lister played "Home, Sweet Home" on the piano.

Bottom: The end pages of the concert programme with the words for "On the Banks of Allan Water" which was sung by Miss Orridge.
The programme was printed by Robert Parker of Yeadon.

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