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1868 Yeadon Local Board Amended By-Laws

Yeadon Local Board Amended By-Laws
Date 1868
Location Yeadon
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Yeadon Local Board, Amended Bye-Laws
"Local Government Act 1858 (21 and 22, VIC . CAP.98)
Yeadon Local Board
Amended Bye-Laws
At a meeting of the Board, held at the Board Room on Wednesday the Fourth day of December 1867 , it was resolved by the Board that the34th and 35th Bye-Laws made and ordained by the Local Board for the District of Yeadon, is repealed from the date of the said Resolution and that in lieu and place thereof, the 34th and 35th Bye-Laws as hereafter written and set forth shall from the date of the said Resolution be re-enacted as follows:-

34 The Local Board shall, by their order, approve or disapprove of proposed New Works or Buildings within the times severally specified herein for the deposit of Notices thereof and the Owner or Persons intending to erect any New Street or Building shall give the notice hereby required, and if any Owner or Person shall construct any Works contrary to the provisions therein contained, the Local Board, after calling  upon such Owner or Person to show cause why the Works so constructed should not be removed, altered, pulled down, or otherwise dealt with, may, if they think fit, have such Work removed, altered, pulled down or otherwise dealt with as the case may require.
35 Any person offending against any of the above Bye-Laws shall forfeit and pay for every such offence a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds and in case of continuing offence a further Penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings for each day after written Notice of the offence from Local Board or their authorised officer.
            Dated This Fifth day of February 1868
By Order of the Local Board of Yeadon
                                          J N O Hartley, Clerk

                                         William Thornton
                                         Joseph Beanland                Five of the members 
                                         William Starkey                  of the Local Board
                                        John Harrison
                                         Alfred Ripley Kenion

Sealed and confirmed by G Hardy
Home Office, Whitehall
23rd April 1868"

Yeadon Local Board Bye-Laws
"Local Government Act 1858  (21 and 22       VIC. CAP. 98 8 32)
Bye-Laws as to the Level, Width &c of New Streets, and Sewerage thereof
Bye-Laws Made by the Local Board of Yeadon
(a) With respect to the Level, Width and Construction of New Streets, and the provision for the Sewerage thereof.

1 Every New Street shall be laid out and formed of such width and at such level as the Local Board shall in each case determine    Width and Level 
 Every New Street being a Carriage Road shall be laid out and formed at least Thirty feet wide and the Local Board shall               of New Streets
determine in each case what proportion of width   such a Street shall be laid out as Carriageway and Footway respectively
    Every New Street not being a Carriage Road, shall be laid out and formed at least eighteen feet wide and there shall be one entrance at least to every such Street of the full width thereof, and open from the Ground upwards. Provided always that when any Street shall exceed the length of one hundred feet, it shall be the option of the Local Board to determine whether such Street shall or shall not be laid out and formed of sufficient width for a Carriage Road.

2 In any case in which an open space shall be left along one or more or both sides of any New Street throughout it's whole        Modifications of
length, in front of the house, or in any New Street, shall not be the principal or only approach to Dwelling houses, the Local        width of Street in
Board may allow of a reduction to the width herein specified for such streets, whether Carriage Roads or not, as they shall        certain cases
see fit, but where the Street is not the principal approach the Board may permit such Streets not to be open upwards.
     The width of  New Streets shall be taken to mean the whole space dedicated to the Public, exclusive of any steps or projections therein, and measuring at right angles to the course or direction of such Streets.

3 the proposed level and width of any New Street having been approved by the Local Board, the Local Surveyor or other authorised ....."                                     

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