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1868 Rabbit Coursing Yeadon

Rabbit Coursing
Date June 1868
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
V122     Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive, research by Edwy Harling
Comment "White Swan Grounds Yeadon
Jimmy and Pomp - The attendance at these grounds on Saturday was very
large to witness the rabbit coursing match, the best of 15 courses for
£15 a side, between Charles Binn's Jimmy of Rawdon and Wm Pickle's
Pomp of Otley.
     Ever since the match was made great interest has been manifested
throughout sporting circles, Jimmy, from the clever manner in which he
has won his previous matches, being selected favourite at 6 to 4 on
him. Owing to the long state of the grass and both dogs being on the
small scale there were five to six no courses, in consequence of their
losing sight of the rabbits by the above cause.
      The following is an account of the courses :-
Jimmy 1st  2nd  4th  5th  7th  9th  10th and 12th - 8
Pomp  3rd   6th  8th and 11th - 4
       Mr S Midgeley of Leeds was the referee and Mr J Woolfoot was
the stakeholder"

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