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1865 Proposed Railway To Guiseley

proposed Railway To Guiseley
Date 7th October 1865
Location Guiseley
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 "A Proposed New Railway - Plans and sections for a proposed new line of Railway from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Station to Guiseley, with a short branch running into the Midland at Shipley, have been prepared by Mr Smith, of the surveying firm of Smith and Gotthardt, Kirkgate, Bradford.

   It is proposed to carry the line from the Lancashire and Yorkshire station to the Canal wharves, crossing Hall Ings, Brook Street, Swaine Street and Well Street, at an average elevation of about 23 feet.

The purchase of the canal and its conversion into a railway line to Windhill is the fundamental proposition on which the whole scheme depends.

    At Windhill the new line will be so nearly on a level with the Midland that a junction can be formed.

Having thus "spliced" the railways of the town, the new line will be continued to Guiseley, so as to afford  a more direct approach to Otley and Ilkley and an additional communication with the North-Eastern system.

     The plans show moderately good gradients and no very expensive engineering works.

The line leaving Windhill will cross the Midland, the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the Aire by a viaduct 440 yards long.

Passing close to Low Baildon, it takes the direction of Tong Park Mills , where there will be another short viaduct.

A small piece of Hollins Hill will have to be tunnelled; and finally the new line will run into the Otley and Ilkley Extension line at the Guiseley station.

The length of the line will be about seven miles.

     Having thus briefly described Mr Smith's scheme, we will now indicate the reasons which induce us to give it prominence on public grounds.

The extinction of the canal and the rescue of the beautiful valley from desolation by bad odours will result from the accomplishment of this scheme.

That result will be a great public good.

We believe the new line may also be a good investment, just as the short line to Leeds and the Wakefield line did, but it's highest recommendation to us is, not that it will pay investors, but that it will be of great benefit to the prosperity and traffic of the town.

Bradford Observer"

Reproduced by kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive, research Edwy Harling


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