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1862 Dinner At Park Gate Guiseley

Dinner At Park Gate
Date 6th December 1862
Location Guiseley
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"Civic Hospitality - The Mayor of Bradford, Mr M W Thompson, entertained a party of gentlemen at dinner on Tuesday evening at his residence, Park Gate, Guiseley.

    The guests included Mr W E Forster MP, the Rev. Dr. Burnet vicar of Bradford, Mr W D Addison, Mr Rawson clerk to the Bradford borough magistrates, Mr Darlington clerk to the Guardians of the Bradford Union,

Mr Ald. Farrar, Mr Ald. Ramsden, Councillors Terry, Neill, Guy, Pollard and Whitehead and one or two other gentlemen.

     Cards of invitation to a similar entertainment at the Mayor's hospitable mansion have already been issued to other members of the Bradford Town Council."


Additional text by Christine Lovedale :

William Edward Forster was born in 1818 to William and Ann Forster who lived near Bridport in Devon.

They were a Quaker family and young William attended Quaker schools, he became a woollen manufacturer, at one time being a partner in Greenholme Mills, Burley - in - Wharfedale.

He resided at Lane Head, a Georgian house near the junction of Apperley and Micklefield Lane, Rawdon.

    He married Jane Martha Arnold in 1850, she was the sister of poet Matthew Arnold.

The marriage was frowned upon by the Quaker community as Jane was not a Quaker, after this time William considered himself Church of England but followed the ethos of Quaker teaching as a generous philanthropist.

     His political career began when he was elected as Liberal MP for Bradford in 1861, one of his major achievements was the passing of the 1870 Education Reform Bill which laid the foundation for elementary education in Great Britain.

He became chief secretary for Ireland, his opposition to Irish home rule led to him being nick-named "Buckshot", this  appointment at a time of political upheaval in Ireland eroded his health and he died in 1886.

Forster Square in Bradford was named after him as a tribute for the years he had served as MP for the city.

Reproduced by kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive, research by Edwy Harling


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