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1858 Mechanic's Institution Guiseley

Mechanic's Institution
Date January 1858
Location Guiseley
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                                           "Mechanic's Institution

      The annual soiree in connection with this institution was held on New Year's day in the Wesleyan School Room.

The chair was occupied by Mr Edw. Thompson of Otley, who, in the course of the remarks with which he opened the business of the meeting, said that Mechanic's Institutions had already passed through periods of their rise, decline and revival and that he regarded some movements of the present day, especially the examinations instituted by the Society of Arts and the University of Oxford as full of hopeful promise to the advocates of popular education.

        Mr Pollard Ive alluded to the case of Dr Livingstone  as furnishing an example for perseverance.

The Rev. R Holmes of Rawdon spoke eloquently on the advantages of knowledge.

The Rev. H Owen, Wesleyan Minister, offered some very valuable and practical observations and expressed his cordial sympathy with the objects of the institution.

Mr B Eastburn also  offered a few excellent suggestions.

      The room was quite filled, chiefly with young people.

The Otley Parish Church choir sang pieces and a party of instrumental performers from Yeadon played at intervals, both thus contributing in a great degree to the pleasures of the evening".

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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