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1858 Local Government Act

Local Government Act
Date 1858
Location Yeadon
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"Local Government Act (21 and 23 Vic  CAP .98
Yeadon Local Board         Byelaws
Made and ordained by the Local Board of the District of Yeadon, for the Regulation and Management of the Meetings, and the transaction of the business of the Board, and also for defining and regulating the duties of the Clerk, Treasurer, Surveyor, Inspector of Nuisances and Collector of the Board, pursuant to the powers and provisions contained in "The Public Health Act 1848 and the Local Government Act 1858"   
                    Regulation and Management of Meetings &c
1 Ordinary Meetings
The Ordinary Meetings of the Board shall be held in the Old School Room in Yeadon, upon the first Wednesday in each month, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, or on such other day and at such other place as the Board shall from time to time determine.
2 Annual General Meetings
An Annual General Meeting of the Board shall be held in the Month of August in every year, on such Day and at such hour and place as the Board shall determine for the purpose, amongst other things, of making the necessary arrangements for the retiring Members of the Board,, and for the election of new Members"

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