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1858 Fatal Fight Guiseley

Fatal Fight
Date 1st May 1858
Location Guiseley
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"Fatal Fight -  On Sunday at about half past five o'clock in the afternoon, Henry Atkinson Brown, living at Shipley and employed as a striker in the smith's shop of the Midland Railway Company at Bradford, accompanied by two or three other persons, went to Guiseley and called at the Red Lion Inn there, Brown being then the worse for liquor.

A man named John Patrick, a cloth weaver residing at Guiseley was also there drinking, and a quarrel soon ensued between him and Brown.

The landlord and landlady were not at home, the parties left in charge of the house got the two men outside and bolted the door.

They afterwards went into the backyard of the inn and commenced fighting, during which Brown seized Patrick and threw him down.

    The landlord's daughter was up in her dressing room, from which there is a window opening into the backyard and hearing a noise she looked out and saw Brown on top of Patrick holding his throat with both hands and shaking his head about.

Upon this she ran down and having given an alarm, seized Brown by the hair of the head and forcibly dragged him off Patrick, who was then bleeding profusely from the back part of the head, mouth and nose.

There was also a large quantity of hemorrhage lying on the ground, Patrick was then lifted up and taken home.

He was very ill during the night and in the morning, after partaking of a little food, he walked out.

     Upon his return , however, he felt himself worse and went to bed.

About four o'clock in the afternoon of the same day he was seized with an apoplectic fit, and having remained in a state of insensibility until Tuesday night about ten o'clock he died.

    Mr Superintendent Smith had, in the meantime, given directions for the apprehension of Brown on a charge of assault, and he was accordingly taken by Police Sergeant Phillips of Guiseley at Bradford and conveyed to the lock- up at Otley.

The deceased was about forty five years of age.

He was a widower and has left a son."

  Additional text by Christine Lovedale :

The Red Lion Inn is situated on the Green and is still open for business (March 2016).

In 1853 the landlord was William Armitage, by 1870 William Popplewell was the licensee, as this tragedy occurred in 1858 it is possible that either of them could have been in residence.

Image reproduced by kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive, research Edwy Haling


1st May 1858: "Fatal Fight at Guiseley --  An inquest was held by Mr G Dyson, coroner, on Thursday afternoon at the New Inn, Guiseley, on the body of John Patrick, aged forty two, a weaver who died on Tuesday evening, from a fracture of the skull received in a fight on Sunday with a young man named Henry Atkinson Brown, at the Red Lion inn, Guiseley.

Some particulars of the case will be found on our 7th page, but they are not altogether correct. The inquest terminated in a verdict of "Manslaughter against Henry Atkinson Brown" who was committed to take his trial at the next assizes for this county".

Image reproduced by kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive, research by Edwy Harling


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