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1858 Cleansing Bye Laws

Cleansing Bye Laws
Date 1858
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL053 & HL054
Local Government Act 1858
(21 and 22 Vic. Chap.98 Sec.32)            
                                   Bye Laws
as to Cleansing Footways &c, Removal of Refuse and Cleansing of Privies &c
Bye Laws Made by the Local Board of Yeadon
a Cleansing of Footways adjoining any premises
b Removal of Refuse from Premises
c The Cleansing of Privies, Ashpits and Cesspools when such Local Board do not themselves undertake or contract with any person for the above purpose.

a As to Cleansing Footpaths
Every occupier of premises within the District shall keep clean and free from filth the Footway adjoining the premises occupied by him.
b As to the Removal of Refuse
Every occupier of premises shall remove therefrom (and in such  manner as not to cause a Nuisance in the process of Removal) all the refuse from each premises (at least twice in a week) and shall in the meantime provide to the satisfaction of the Local Board means of storing the said refuse so that it shall not become a Nuisance to the occupants of the premises on which it arises, or to other inhabitants of the District.

c As to the Cleansing of Privies, Ashpits and Cesspools
1 In case any privy, water closet or cesspool within the District shall be in a foul or offensive state so as to require cleansing or emptying, and Notice, under the hand of the Inspector of Nuisances  or other authorised Officer of the Local Board, shall be given to the Occupier, or left at his place of abode or business, or left with any householder entitled to use the said privy or water closet.
Continued as HL054

Requiring each occupier or householder to cleanse or empty the same within a time to be therein mentioned and such occupier or householder shall neglect or omit to comply with such Notice, then, and in every such case the occupier or householder to or for whom such Notice shall have been given or left as aforesaid, shall for every neglect or omission, forfeit and pay such sum as shall be hereinafter provided, and the filth and soil of the said privy, water closet or cesspool may forthwith, after the expiration of such Notice, be removed by the Inspector of Nuisances, or any other authorised Officer of the Local Board.

2 No person shall empty or assist in emptying any privy, water closet, cesspool or similar receptacle of offensive matter within the District, without the use of  such aedorizers, and the employment of other means of preventing disagreeable or hurtfull effects therefrom, as shall be directed by the Local Board or any of their authorised Officers.

3 Any person offending against any of the above Bye Laws shall forfeit and pay for every such offence a Penalty not exceeding £5 and in case of a continuing offence a further Penalty not exceeding the sum of 40 s for each day, after written notice of the offence from the Local Board or their authorised Officer
Dated this Twenty-Fifth day of November 1863
By Order of the Local Board of Yeadon    J N O Hartley Clerk
Philomen Slater
Thomas Brayshaw           Five of the members of 
                                       the Local Board
Joseph Dawson
Benjamin Sowden
Edward Bolton

Sealed and confirmed G Grey HOme Office 16th January 1864

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