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1857 Otley Courthouse

Otley Courthouse
Date October 1857
Location Otley
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Court House, Otley Oct 2 (Before Captain Chamberlain, T Horsfall Esq.  Thom. Lockley Esq.  C H Dawson Esq. and W E Forster Esq.

     Police Constable Boden of Yeadon charged Jeremiah Cowling and Emanuel Brown, both of Yeadon, clothiers, Raistrick Hudson of the same place, carter and Joseph Chaffer of Guiseley, clothier, with being drunk at Yeadon on the 13th Sep. Fined 5s and costs 11s 6d each.

      Police Sergeant Phillips charged Wm Gray and Jas Hudson, both of Yeadon, clothiers, with obstructing a footpath at Guiseley on 12th Sep. Discharged on paying 9s 6d for costs.

     James Knipe of Baildon, carrier, was charged by Police Constable Tatham with being drunk at Baildon on 13th Sep. Fined 5s and costs 11s 6d

      James Hobson of Burley, gamekeeper, charged John Smith and Wm. Butterfield, both of Burley, labourers, with trespassing in search of game at that place on 30th Aug. Fined £1 and costs 8s 3d each.

      Police Sergeant Phillips charged Renton Rawnsley, William Smith, William Baldwin and John Waddington, all of Guiseley, with lighting a bonfire on the highway at that place on the 25th September, fined 5s and costs 6s 6d each.

      James Pullan and Matthew Pullan, both of Guiseley, pig jobbers, were charged by Police Constable Boden with over driving and ill treating a horse at Yeadon on the 29th September.

The bench inflicted a penalty of 2s 6d on Jas. Pullan and 1s on Matthew Pullan and 10s costs each.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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