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1856 Assault & Robbery Guiseley

Assault & Robbery
Date November 1856
Location Guiseley
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Murderous Assault At Guiseley Near Otley

     Yesterday evening week, a murderous assault and attempted robbery took place at Guiseley.

Mr Brown, shopkeeper, was seated by his fireside in a back room, when a tall and stout man came into the shop and without a word turned off the gas, leaving the place in near total darkness.

Mr Brown, in some alarm, left his sitting room to inquire the man's business.

      As soon as he approached, the man seized a large knife used for cutting butter and cheese and fiercely and savagely struck Mr Brown across the face, inflicting a deep wound which extended from his nose, across one cheek to one of his ears.

The lower portion of his nose was nearly cut off.

Not content with that, the ruffian made a lunge at Mr Brown's breast and inflicted another wound just under his shoulder.

    The man then sprang across the shop to a nest of drawers in one of which Mr Brown was in the habit of keeping gold and silver. He pulled one open but fortunately that was not the money drawer and, before he could open another, a dog kept by Mr Brown rushed upon him and seized him with it's teeth.

Mr Brown also gave an alarm.

       The robber was intimidated by the noise and the gripe of the dog, he therefore gave up the attempt at robbery, shook off the dog, which was too small to hold him and made his escape.

From the darkness in which the shop was plunged Mr Brown can give no description of his assailant - except that he was tall.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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