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1851 Programme For Peace Rejoicings

Programme For Peace Rejoicings
Date 7th June 1856
Location Rawdon
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This was to celebrate the end of the Crimean War with Russia, the conflict mainly taking place on the Crimean Peninsula.
"The procession will assemble at the field at Lark Field at Two o' clock pm  and start at a quarter to Three. 
The horsemen and carriages will form in the road near the entrance to the field. 
To prevent confusion it is requested that those persons only will enter the Field who are intending to take part in the procession on foot, and that each person on arriving will immediately fall into position. 
A staff will be fixed for each Order and School to form from, so that as one moves out of the Field the next will follow and form an unbroken line of Procession. 
The Lodges to form two-a-breast and the Schools four-a-breast. 
The Peace Proclamations will be read at Rawden before starting, and at Little London, where the Procession will halt for the purpose.

Town Street,  Hall Lane,  Low Green,  Little London,  Benton,  New Road Side,  Little Moor,  Canada and return to the Field.

Order of Procession
Trumpeter - Constables - Trumpeter
Ministers of Religion
Select Vestry  Overseers  Surveyors  Guardians and Churchwardens
Inhabitants on Horseback
Waggon containing 20 of the oldest inhabitants from 70 to 97 years of age, averaging 80 years of age, driven by Wm. Gascoigne who is 86.
Inhabitants on Foot
The Church School
The Horsforth Band
The Independent Order of the Ark
The Low Mill Procession
The Baptist School
The Greengates Band
The Independent Order of Ancient Shepherds with the Regalia of the Order
The Wesleyan and Woodhouse Grove School
The Bramley Brass Band
The Independant Order of Ancient Romans
The Larkfield Mill Procession
The Primitive Methodist School
The Independant School
The Bradford Drum and Pipe Band
N B The Procession will be accompanied by a Band of Negro Melodists arrived from their native country expressly for this occasion.

On returning to the Field the Bramley Brass Band will proceed to Little London during tea and the Horsforth and Greengates Bands remain during tea at Rawdon. Tea at both places at Five o' clock. The Drum and Fife Band will play up the Town Street where a sheep will be roasted whole. The Schoolchildren will each receive a bun at their respective Schools. 

At Seven o' clock the Bands will reassemble in the Field and at dusk there will be a display of Fireworks by Mr Scott comprising Flights of Rockets, Shells, Mines, the Girandole or horizontal Wheel, the Saxon Piece or vertical Wheels, the Astronomical Piece or Mechanical Globe, the Royal Star or Crown of England and Prince of Wales Feathers, the Sardinian Shell, the Napolean Shell, the Chromatrope &c &c: including the mottoes "Peace" , "Town and Trade of Rawden" and "God Save The Queen"

It is particularly requested that no-one will approach the Fireworks, so that all may see in safety.
Printed by William Styles, Observer Office, Bradford"

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