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1850 Unruly Protest Yeadon

Unruly Protest Yeadon
Date June 1850
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
V111     Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling
Comment "Yeadon      Disgraceful Proceedings
      This place has been in an unusual degree of excitement caused by the rigid proceedings of a newly elected constable named Rawlinson, against the prevailing vices of this neighbourhood.His endeavour to stop gambling in the public streets on Sunday and also late drinking at public houses are certainly very commendable however disagreeable to the parties concerned ; but although his zeal is great it is questionable whether he always uses it with prudence.
       At all events his conduct has been followed by some shameful proceedings on the part of those who he has offended. On Wednesday evening they paraded the town with an image on horseback being the effigy of the constable, followed by a mob of between six or seven
hundred persons. On the arrival of the mob opposite  Mr Rawlinson's house a fire was kindled and the effigy committed to the flames, amidst yells and imprecations.
      But a few evenings since the whole of the trees and plants in the constable's garden  were maliciously torn up and destroyed. We hope the offenders will be brought to justice"

Further text by Christine Lovedale:
See also image V091 for a report of similar vandalism in 1851. Joseph Lawson, in his book "Letters to the Young on Progress in Pudsey", had a poor opinion of Yeadoners writing that no work would be done from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning as workers would be sleeping off the excesses of the weekend. He viewed Yeadon as a town of drunkards and coarse people.

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