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1850 Anniversary & Accident Yeadon

Anniversary & Accident Yeadon
Date June 1850
Location Yeadon
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School Anniversary - On Sunday the anniversary of the Wesleyan Sunday School was held at the New Methodist Chapel*, three sermons being preached on behalf of the school funds and collections made at the close of each service.

Mr Ruddock officiated in the morning and evening and Mr Bocock in the afternoon.

     The choir, with their usual good taste, performed some beautiful selections from Mozart's works with admirable observance of time, expression and harmony.

The collections were announced to amount to £40. 5s & 8.1/2 d

* Possibly referring to Chapel Hill which opened in 1834, the New Reform Chapel on the High Street later the Lecture Hall opened in 1855.


Narrow Escape From Drowning

       On Tuesday, a son of Mr Bedford, of the gas works, met with an accident which, but for the presence of mind of an elder brother, a lad 11 years of age, would no doubt have terminated fatally.

It appears the little fellow was playing with some companions near the gasometer when he suddenly slipped and fell into the balance pit of the weights attached to the gasometer, which is always filled with water.

      He first rose feet upwards and again sunk, when on his second appearance above the water his brother clutched his cap which unfortunately gave way and he again sunk.

The poor fellow rose a third time and was seized by the hair and there held till helped out of his dangerous predicament.

The feelings of his parents may be more easily imagined than described


      St Johns Church - The services of this church have been changed for half past two to half past six during the summer months.


Image courtesy f the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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