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1848 Political Election Letter

Political Election Letter
Date December 1848
Location Yeadon
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 "Yeadon Liberals To The Editor Of The Intelligencer,

    Sir, there is a paragraph under the above head in the Leeds Mercury, so totally devoid of truth and such a gross and wilful misrepresentation  that I am induced to communicate to you a statement of facts.

     The Yeadon list contains 179 voters and not 262 as stated in the Mercury. Of that number 5 are dead and 10 absent and abroad; many remained neutral and 24 (not 12) at the least voted for Denison, so that I doubt whether 120 have voted for Eardley, instead of 250 as stated in the Mercury.

       I am glad to say that a number of the most respectable and influential free-holders of this township, having laid aside party and colour voted for Mr Denison and many more would have done so had they been allowed to act according to their expressed wishes and intentions.

I am, Sir, yours truly, VERITAS

Yeadon, 28th December 1848"

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


Additional text by Christine Lovedale

This was an election for the Parliamentary seat of the West Riding and was held on the 14th and 15th of December 1848. It was called when Lord Morpeth was elevated to the House of Lords on the death of his father. Initially there was only one candidate for the seat, The Right Honourable Charles Wentworth Fitzwilliam, he canvassed in Leeds and received such a hostile reception that he withdrew.

     He was replaced by Sir Culling Eardley for the Liberal party and Edmund Denison standing for the Conservatives. Denison won the election :

Denison     14,743 votes

Eardley      11, 795 votes

Majority of 2, 948 to Denison.

The tone of the letter suggests some complaints from the Liberals in Yeadon.


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