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1846-1897 United Methodist Chapel Accounts

United Methodist Chapel Accounts
Date 1846-1897
Location Yeadon
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Top: This is the account book of the United Methodist Chapel (Later to build Queen Street Chapel), the UMC were an off-shoot of the Wesleyan Chapel, they wanted reform in the church which led to violence and disruption.
An advocate of reform was William Kenion of Willow Cottage, Sandy Way, his name appears at the top of this page.
The first line reads : Persons signing the Deed Signing the Release Not Sign
Those signing the deed are familiar Yeadon worthies Mr Slater Mr Starkey Mr Hudson Mr Denison (of) Moor End Mr Denison (of) Henshaw
Signing the Release were Joseph Dawson Joseph Teal John Wormald Jos. Wilkinson Jos. Denison
Not signing were William Kenion Jos. Parkinson John Abbott
John Denison and Royston Slater were to "consider wether they will give or not"
This meeting was held on February 14th 1852, the topic under discussion was the offer of a loan at a lower rate of interest than their existing loan.

Middle: A page from the account book, entries are under the headings Old Chapel New Chapel New School.

Bottom: A page from the account book:
Feb 8th Thomas Mann - for warming? the Trustees and going to Woodhouse Grove 6d
Feb.15th For paper to copy tunes on 7/6d
" For tune book backs& c 1/3d
Feb 17th Rob. Brayshaw 1 cart coals 11/6d

March 8th Mr Hobson for lock for coal house door 6d
" For bus low hiring? 8d
March 27th David Starkey 1cart load coals 11/6d
March 29th Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company as per notes £3. 11/4d
April 5th Joseph Slater for writing the Pew book over 11/-
May 3rd The Mann Quarter wage £5. 4/-
" Wilkinson Slater for 26 graves open £1. 2/-
" Mr Denison for 8 burials 8/-
May 5th Nathan Long 1 cart load coals 12/-
May 6th Widow Fletcher 2 cart loads coals £1.2/-
" John Wormald as per note 7/2d
May 10th John Marshall allowance for a flag chamber fireplace? 1/-
" John Wormald for a spade for the Burial Ground 3/10d
" Rob. Thompson as per note 2/8d
May 13th Wm. Kenion half year interest for £10230 £24.5/-
" Sam Peel for repairing the res? 3/-
June 6th Rob. Brayshaw 1cart load coals 11/-

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