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1846 Highway Robber Yeadon

Highway Robber
Date February 1846
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
V081     Researcher Edawy Harling
Comment "A Highway Robbery in 1844
    On Monday last a middle-aged man named Robert Walker of Yeadon,
was brought before the Sitting Magistrates at the Courthouse in
Bradford, charged with committing a highway robbery in 1844.
      Mr Brigg, the chief police officer of Bradford stated that on
the night of the 9th of December 1844 Mr Hawkes, with whom was another
person, was robbed while on their way home on Eccleshill Moor ; and
from the ill-usage  which Mr Hawkes received on that occasion he never
completely recovered, though being a bookkeeper, he ddid go to the
counting house afterwards ; at length he died.
      On Saturday week he (Mr Brigg) had been informed that there was
a person living in the neighbourhood who knew the party who had so
ill-treated Mr Hawkes; and so on the following Monday he went to
Guiseley and he was now able to produce witnesses who could detail all
the circumstances, so that their worships could decide whether the
evidence was complete.
       After hearing the evidence of a respectable-looking man named
Newton Moor (who was along with Hawkes when he was robbbed and
ill-used on the day in question ) and of a man named John Ward, the
magistrates committed the prisoner for trial at the ensuing assizes at

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