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1845 Presentation To Guiseley Curate

Presentation To Guiseley Curate
Date March 1845
Location Guiseley
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The Address

       Rev. and Dear Sir, deeply sensible of the debt of gratitude we owe to you, first as individuals for your concern for our spiritual welfare, secondly as members of society for your anxious care for the religious instruction of the young of our township, we cannot but feel towards you the strongest sentiments of regard.

       Whilst, therefore, we sincerely congratulate you upon your recent  preferment, we cannot but feel  and deeply regret the loss of your valuable services.

We avail ourselves of this favourable opportunity of testifying to you, in a sincere and humble manner, the affection and gratitude we shall ever entertain towards you, not only in your high office as an appointed minister of Christ, but also for your untiring zeal, your valuable counsel, your excellent example and unvarying kindness.

        Permit us therefore to request you to accept with this address the accompanying present, small in value but appropriate as a token of our regard to a saviour's undying love and as a token of our earnest wishes for your temporal and spiritual happiness.

        We would not omit to notice on this occasion the marked difference and great improvement in the children of the schools, not only as regards their manners and general behaviour but also, and especially in their learning and intellectual attainments. Without any reference to our own humble endeavours we cannot be blind to the increased desire manifest in the children's dispositions for learning and the gratifying amount of useful and religious knowledge they have accumulated during your sojourn amongst us, which we can only attribute to your untiring zeal and active exertions on their behalf.

         That God will condescend to water with the best dews of his heavenly blessings all your labours past and future, is the sincere prayer of your affectionate friends.

            The Teachers Of The Guiseley Sunday Schools".


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling.


The silver cup has engraven upon it "Presented by the Teachers of the Guiseley Sunday Schools as a token of their love to their Clergyman the Rev H P Wright BA  Easter 1845"

       The Rev. Gentleman responded to the address in language expressive of deep feelings of regret on being separated from a parish where he possesses so large and so warm hearted a body of friends. 

       The parents and children were afterwards addressed by the Rev.Dr Clark, the Rev. Geo Hills, the Rev. W Metcalfe, Rev Geo Hanson and James Hamilton Esq.

The Rev. Mr Wright then returned publicly to his thanks, to Mr James Walsh for the liberal aid and valuable advice which he had always rendered to the Church, after which the 117th Psalm was sung and thus ended the proceedings of a day which will be long remembered in Guiseley as evidencing the value of an active and able pastor labouring for the improvement of the little ones of Christ's flock.

        Mr Hamilton, who is an officer expressly employed by the National Society for the organisation and inspection of Schools declared that he had visited and examined more than 10,000 children in upwards of 100 schools , but had never witnessed a more credittable examination than that passed by the scholars of the Guiseley Parochial School.

    We are glad to know that the Rev. H P Wright is about to labour in the densely populated district of St Mary's Quarry Hill.

************** That would have been a shock after Guiseley!

It had a high concentration of Irish Catholic navvies come to work on the railway, at that time the worst slum in Leeds, there were frequent fights between the Catholics and Protestants in the area, it was so bad  policemen would only operate in pairs ***************

 Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling.


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