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1845 Gas Company Yeadon

Gas Company Yeadon
Date March 1845
Location Yeadon
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Yeadon - it has for some time been in contemplation to light the village of Yeadon with gas.

The project has now been taken up in right good earnest and a company has been formed for that purpose called the Yeadon Gas Company and in a few hours upwards of 120 shares at £5 each were taken, the number of shares being limited to ten each subscriber.

      It is understood that as soon as a suitable site for the works can be obtained active operations will be commenced.

In a large manufacturing village like Yeadon, the want of gas has long been felt and there is a fair prospect that this will prove a profitable speculation to the shareholders.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


Further information by Christine Lovedale

    The company was founded with a share capital of £6,000, the chairman of the company was Richard Barwick of Low Hall.

The site chosen for the gasworks was on New Road opposite Henshaw Lane, in 1851 there were 386 customers.

Twelve street lamps were bought and in place by 1865, the company were to supply gas to Yeadon and the surrounding district until towns gas was superseded by gas from the North Sea, the gasworks closed in the mid 1960s and was demolished in 1968.

The site was cleared but stood empty for some years to ensure no toxic chemicals were in the ground before homes were built there.

     The gasometer and logo on the front of the building were local landmarks, built in the brickwork was the legend "Ex Terra Lucem",which translates as Light From the Earth. 


Garry Wade
Garry Wade
I have in my in my safe keeping a beautifully engraved window with the words Yeadon and Guiseley gas works. I think that it must have been situated in the office. It is fitted in a period Oak frame. Some of your members will probably remember it when paying their gas bill.
03 February 2019
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