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1836 Town Hall Guiseley

Town Hall
Date December 1836
Location Guiseley
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    Proposed Town Hall -- A public meeting was held in the Church School, Guiseley, on Thursday evening to consider the propriety of erecting a  building for general purposes in which all inhabitants  could assemble on common ground.

There was a fair attendance.

     Mr Abram Moon presided and Mr Frizell acted as secretary.

The meeting was attended by Mr J P Brown, Mr Edmund Gill, Mr Richard Whitehead, Mr John Tempest, Mr Jas. Priestley, Mr Adam Earle and others.

A committee was formed to solicit subscriptions and report as to eligible sites at another meeting.

      The idea of a Town Hall in this thriving village is causing quite a sensation in the neighbourhood and is another pleasing feature of public spirit to meet the requirements of the age.

Guiseley has for many years past shown itself equal to the various improvements of the times and now that a railway is passing through it the inhabitants are determined that its name shall still further be honourably recorded.

Mr M W Thompson of Park Gate is with the movement, so that there is every reason to predict that it will succeed".

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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