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1825 New Road Yeadon

New Road
Date June 1825
Location Yeadon
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                                               New Roads

    Leeds and Halifax Road - The Leeds and Halifax Road Bill which passed the House of Lords a few days ago, is of great importance to this part of the country.

We believe we may venture to affirm that the extent of road which it comprises and the probable advantages to be derived from it, by facilitating intercourse, are greater than ever were included within any one Act of Parliament.

     In addition to the roads under the old act, the tolls of which let for near seven thousands pounds a year, there are new roads attached to the act lately passed to the extent of about thirty miles.

One branch of new road is from Kirkstall to Ilkley, which will form perhaps, one of the most beautiful rides in the Kingdom.

      It will pass under Horsforth, Rawden, Yeadon, through Guiseley and Menston to Ilkley and the rise and fall are so easy that it will be what is usually termed trotting road all the way.

Thus the two valleys of Wharfedale and Airedale will be united by the only possible line so as to avoid Otley Chevin or Rombles Moor .

       Another important branch is from Shipley to Otley, crossing the last mentioned line between Menston and Guiseley.

This will be the best line from Bradford, Bingley and even Keighley and also will , with the first mentioned branch, be the best line from Otley to Leeds, as by it the Chevin and all the intermediate hills will be avoided with only the addition of a single mile.

 Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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