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1780 Fines For Fraud Yeadon & Rawdon

Fines for Fraud
Date May 1780
Location Yeadon & Rawdon
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The following persons were severally convicted under the Worsted Act in the several offences following viz.

     May 4th before Henry Wickham Esq.

Mary Lord, Isaac Nicol and Sarah Pickles of Northowram 8th Hannah Stancliffe, Hannah Smith and Sarah Marsden of Horsforth

Mary, the wife of John Lane, Hannah Stanley and Ann Cooper of Rawden

Ann Watson of Bramhope

Martha Hudson of Yeadon

Lydia Holmes and Betty Highman of Bierly  - all in the penalty of five shillings each, for Reeling False or Short Yarn.

    Mary Rider of Horsforth in the penalty of Forty Shillings for a Second Offence of Reeling False or Short Yarn

    William Verity of Burley in the penalty of Five Pounds, for refusing to suffer the Inspector to Inspect a Quantity of Yarn which he had in his possession supposed to be False or Short Yarn.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


Further information by Christine Lovedale

   The Worsted Acts were passed between 1777 - 1791 in an attempt to curb the embezzlement  committed by out- workers, usually the hand spinners working for a clothier.

They cheated by claiming the lengths of yarn spun were longer than they actually were.

The Acts gave power to inspectors to check on the yarn and subsequently bring to justice the miscreants, who were probably living at subsistence level.


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